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History of Dum U Novaku

Historical buildings in centre of Prague

By the end of the 19th century one of the most successful Czech entrepreneurs Jan Novák came with the idea of establishing the first ever department store in Prague.pronájem bytů v centru Prahy He consulted his visions with Osvald Polívka, a famous architecture who had already worked on the design and building of the Municipal House. The part of the building overlooking the Vodickova Street was designed in the Art Nouveau style and spots the light of this world between 1901 and 1904. The second part, which is adjacent to the V Jámě Street was built between 1927 and 1929.
Mr. Novák took his inspiration from the numerous exquisite Parisian department stores. The older part of the building is designed as a two-storey store, which is dominated by an impressive mosaic with allegoric scenes representing Trade and Industry. The author of this lovely design is Jan Preisler, a well-known symbolist painter. Mr. Novák ́s dream came true and the first ever department store in Prague got engraved into the minds of the Prague ́s residents as one of the best places, where to purchase anything that had to do with ready-to-wear clothes, clothing materials, hats and gloves, haberdashery goods, carpets, curtains, furniture, home accessories and even cosmetics. The unique Art Nouveau painting on the main side of the building coupled with the great selection of shops, made Dům U Nováků one of the finest shopping destinations in Prague. The vast underground spaces enabled the construction of the famous ABC Theatre, which has been witness to many excellent artistic performances in Prague. Jiri Werich and Jiri Voskovec are considered to be the famous protagonists linked with this theatre.
Dům U Nováků Magical and intricate passages have always been associated with the Czech capital. Dům U Nováků is no exception as it is based on the concept of mutually interlinked elegant passages, which are occupied by various coffeehouses, confectionaries, restaurants, boutiques and shops with a wide range of assorted goods and services. Today, Dům U Nováků can be considered as an interesting business-administrative complex. The building offers interesting office spaces for lease. Thanks to the advantageous location on the Vodickova Street, Dům U Nováků is just seconds away from Vaclavske namesti, the hub of Prague. Dům U Novaků is situated right at the public transport junction of Metro A and B of Mustek and Metro C of Muzeum. pronájem obchodů na Praze 1

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